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Global Entrepreneurship: The Latest Research on Business Creation 

This special two-day workshop and seminar at the George Washington University School of Business was hosted by CFEE, GWU and ICSB from October 14-16, 2010. The event was headed by Dr. Paul Reynolds, Co-Principal for the Panel Study of Entrepreneurial Dynamics (PSED) I and II, and GWU's Howard Hoffman  Distinguished Research Scholar. The workshop and symposium was designed for scholars analyzing longitudinal data sets on business creation as well as those designing and implementing longitudinal studies of business creation. The PSED research program is internationally-renowned and designed to enhance the scientific understanding of how people start businesses around the world. The projects provide valid and reliable data on the process of business formation based on nationally-representative samples of nascent entrepreneurs, those active in business creation. PSED I began with screening in 1998-2000 to select a cohort of 830 with three follow-up interviews. A control group of those not involved in firmcreation is available for comparisons. PSED II began with screening in 2005-2006 with two follow-up interviews. The information obtained includes data on the nature of those active as nascent entrepreneurs, the  activities undertaken during the start-up process, and the characteristics of start-up efforts that become new firms. PSED research is sponsored and supported by the Kauffman Foundation, the United States Small Business  Administration, the University of Michigan, and the National Science Foundation among others. Additional presentations from authors in 14 different countries included 'A Novel Approach to the Study of the Temporal Sequence of Gestation Activity,' 'Entrepreneurial Self-Efficacy, Start-Up Activities, and Team Composition,' and 'The Contribution of Small Business Research to Economic Policy in the U.S.' Please click here to view the PowerPoint Presentations.


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