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Women Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative (Awarded the Best National Speciality Program Award by USASBE)

The GWU Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership Initiative introduces the process of entrepreneurial thinking as an invaluable asset to any career. The courses offer students the opportunity to draw from their field of study or personal passion to generate, plan and launch ideas that make a difference to self, others, or the world.

Funded in part by a grant from the Ewing Merion Kauffman Foundation, the course series is on the leading edge of efforts to bring entrepreneurial thinking to students in all academic disciplines. Course One: Foundations of Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership was specifically designed for non-business students as a "bridge” between their subject matter expertise and the application of that knowledge to a career after graduation. Course Two: Advanced Entrepreneurial Processes: Learning from Women Leaders exposes students to the challenges of leading and managing an early stage company, organization or project.

The GWU Women's Entrepreneurial Leadership courses introduce the process of entrepreneurial thinking as an indispensable resource in any career. The courses, designed with the input of successful women leaders and GWU students, offer a range of learning experiences. Content-rich class sessions and experiential learning labs are complemented with guest lecturers, networking events and mentoring opportunities to create an active learning environment for students in any field of study.

Visit the class blog: www.welgw.wordpress.com.

Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=30235323869.

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